After a very successful first workshop in 2017, we decided to put on another Django Girls workshop on March 9th - 10th at Start Garden:

  • 34 attendees
  • 16 sponsors
  • 14 coaches
  • 6 organizers
  • a ton of supportive friends
  • = An Awesome Workshop

Coffee, Code, Repeat

Because our workshop from the previous year was such a success we did a lot of the same things for this year. You can read more about that here.

Pita House catered our lunch again this year, and again they didn’t disappoint.

Pita House Catered Lunch

Our organizers, coaches, and attendees came with energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes.

Inspirational messages on whiteboard

Three of our attendees from last year joined us as coaches and one as an organizer this year. Laila gave an inspiration talk about her journey into programming and becoming a front end developer.

Inspirational messages on whiteboard

Rachell inspired the attendees with the challenges and successes of her journey from English Teacher to Django Developer.

Inspirational messages on whiteboard


We wanted a fresh new design, so sticking with this years Django Girls Foundation’s theme, we also decided to use ‘Code with Kindness’. Little Space Studio sponsored the designs for our swag again this year, and they turned out great!

Shirts and Hoodie Swag

Toptal sponsored our photography this year, which included headshots for anyone participating in the workshop. Attendees and coaches alike seemed to really appreciate this service.

Photographer taking a headshot of attendee

Going forward

Overall the workshop was a huge success and there has been a lot of interest in followup events to come. Watch this space!

Group photo