2018 Sponsors for Django Girls Workshop

Django Girls GR at PyCon

Django Girls Grand Rapids was honored to be asked to manage the Django Girls booth at PyCon in Cleveland, Ohio this year. Because of our participation, we were able to sponsor two volunteers’ tickets to PyCon that might not otherwise been able to go.

There were three people total that volunteered to help out with the booth. They spent days up to the event preparing, and 3 days at the booth answering questions, inspiring new organizers, and showing PyCon how to have a fun booth.

We had a blast, PyCon, can’t wait to see you next time!

Django Girls’ Rocking Booth

Although our organization is run completely on donations and sponsors, we were able to put together a fun booth that got a lot of the attendees’ attention.



Strong Tattoo


Django Pony

Drawing Table

Django Girls GR



Pixel Heart

Bees Love Ponies

Stickers Markers and Other important supplies


Emoji Stickers for pimping out badges

emoji sticker badge https://twitter.com/AstraLuma/status/995760188580868097